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Oh, there you are. Welcome!
Just now, it was me saying ”Welcome!” to you. Just like the title says.

Well, this is the start of my official blog! You can call it – Dr. Shark’s blog. Wow! It’s so exciting isn’t it?

YES! It's exciting!

At this very moment you might hear rousing fanfare,

or overflowing sounds of enthusiastic clapping and standing ovations.

You might even feel the world trembling or see sky shaking all around you. In that case you are either more exciting than yours truly, or you are under the influence of some sort of uplifting senses-altering substance.

In any case, you are very welcome too.

This is the place where I will post my writings about all kinds of stuff that interest me at the particular moment. I will write mostly about the things I like, things I would like to recommend to others, to pay attention to, but also about anything that I find interesting, intriguing, funny, amazing…
like calabura

…and really anything I find worth mentioning or at least the most interesting tits… I mean bits of it.

Also, here I will publish information about my artwork, present what’s in progress or write about something totally unrelated.

You can always come to visit and access the blog on this address: www.drsharkart.com/blog, send your comments, suggestions, tips, recommendations, exchange opinions and hang out. Just keep it cool.

My official website (www.drsharkart.com) and this blog, of course, will be frequently and lovingly refreshed, tweaked, polished, trimmed, skewed, moulded, refined, updated, so stay tuned.

Anyway, take this invitation of mine and come with me on this online loopy trip ride. It’ll be good for your mind and soul.

Trust me, ’cause I am a doctor.

Dr. Shark

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